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It seems that I become famous as I entered, all the Viet girls there just looked at me and laughing, which actually made me feel great LOL. My regular screw was there, and we had to just content with a foot massage. I Checked into the president hotel next door around 4 pm on Tuesday.

I struggled a bit, but thinking of I will take a long-haul flight back home the next day and this will not end up anywhere, I turned down the offer. Thigh massage ain lounge chair was 0, in the room 0. Within seconds dozens of hits came up, and within 10 min had probably 10 friend requests from women. She had magical hands & got me properly prepped for the evening: washed me from head to toes and paid extra attention to the vitals, For 0 mop it's worth it.

The second day I had a hotel room so just planned to go to one sauna and have a quick fuck.

Went to Golden Sauna and happily discovered that they didn't raise the price.

I've exchanged contacts with a stunning Viet shower girl from FN a couple years back. I'm in HK often and since I have a day layover coming up, wanted to see if I should stick to my usual spots or try Macau this time around. I wouldn't consider going to Macau during the week of Chinese New Years. Are there less girls and business overall, or will selection still be the same as usual?


She met me at my hotel for two rocking night on my succeeding visit, total GFE, was very into me, would not take a dime, not even when I asked to pay for her transportation. As for FLs, I never considered it because of all the quality non-FL options in the saunas, fishbowls, etc. It's much better the week before or the week after Chinese New Years. Want to see if it'll be worthwhile to make a trek out there or just stick around in HK. Hi, I have a full day in HK the week after chinese / lunar new year and was wondering if anyone knows how the sauna scene would be during that week due to everyone traveling home to celebrate. Although I heard that many saunas in Macau raised price after the destructive typhoon last summer, still the 1088 MOP entrance fee if you don't do any service (minimal 2688 MOP if you want full service) is too much for me.

We kissed, cuddled and discovered each other's body and we could never stop.


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