Dating astroscan

Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department through Company Seven, used by permission.

You can obtain the times of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, transits of the Sun and Moon, and the beginning and end of civil twilight, along with information on the Moon's phase by specifying the date and location. : Company Seven delivered another interesting optical system for NASA to fly later in 2011.

A look at the technology of amateur astronomy -- and what you might discover by just looking up." To read an more in depth review of the program with links to the program Web Site and a link to download the program in Real Audio file format please click here.

20 March 2005 Company Seven supporting NASA annual 'Sun-Earth Day' educational activities.


This year's theme was a celebration of the International Year of Astronomy.

This year's theme features natural and artificial eclipses! and Howard County Community College jointly sponsored this event which was open to the public at large.

5 November 2005 Company Seven supporting Howard Astronomical League "Mars Watch" event from pm to am. Company Seven assists at such events as a public service insisting on no promotional efforts on our behalf.

As described by the AMU staff "technology is driving a revolution in amateur astronomy.

Improvements in telescopes, computerized data, cameras, and more means backyard stargazers now have access to information that only a few years ago would have been limited to the hands of experts.

This is a ruggedized and shock/vibration resistant catadioptric system with all optical components made fully quartz (fused silica), and with superbly engineered and applied high transmission coatings optimized for its designed transmission application.


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    This page contains usage notes on the class, and a link to the source.

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    (Edmund G.) by Roosevelt, Theodore by Selous, Frederick Courteney by Kingston, William Henry Giles by Rapisardi, Mario by Beekman, A. (George Melville) by Gale, Rachel Baker by Deledda, Grazia by Lansdale, Maria Hornor by Serao, Matilde by Rangelovska, Lidija by Vaknin, Samuel by Arthur, T. (Timothy Shay) by Reid, Whitelaw by Wright, Farnsworth by Rhodes, Kathlyn by Maclaren, Ian by Frye, William Edward by Reinach, Salomon by Riley, James Whitcomb by Josephus, Flavius by Whiston, William by Rosenbaum, S.

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