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A narcissistic mother wants complete and total control over her daughter’s life, especially when the daughter is at the point in life when she wants to establish independence and autonomy. A child is born perfectly imperfect, with the need to be protected, accepted, sheltered and nurtured.


In this case, she wants the daughter’s significant other to be the most prestigious reflection of her genetic material’s potential.She was made to be an extension of her narcissistic mother and play by the rules her mother has created.


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    I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out? Do you live in a corn field, cause I'm stalking you.

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    February Relapse, but 50 Degrees Is A Week Away Legendary Minnesota winters have been partially defanged. Today is the coldest day for Minnesota; a chill factor of -10 F at the bus stop this morning. It doesn't feel like March out there today with a stinging wind chill. I'm still impressed with the intensity and persistence of the subtropical jet stream, intense winds capable of spinning up major, full-latitude storms - with sufficient shear for tornadic thunderstorms in the warm sector. Here's an excerpt from a post detailing the biggest tornado outbreaks of 2017, nationally, to date: "...

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    A psychiatrist for Ralph’s defence reported the former teacher suffered from “teacher-lover” syndrome, a clinical term dating to the late 1980s to describe teachers, usually female, who believe they’re in a consensual romantic relationship with students.

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    They simply moved to the next one, albeit with baggage.

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