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The new owner of the Alien Museum arouses suspicion from Max when he sees a device that has alien symbols on it.

Max, Michael, and Isabel decide to investigate, although resentment abounds as Max struggles to take a leadership role.

Liz, when I was in that room, and they did what they did to me.

Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it's you.

To be exact, Max, Isabel and Michael are aliens, who are survivors of the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. "Up North" scene appears to almost certainly have been inspired by, or intended as an homage to, the dinner seen in the cult Sci Fi film The Hidden - Das unsagbar Böse (1987).

But, Max, Isabel and Micheal's secret is not totally safe, as the local Sheriff, Jim Valenti is beginning to suspect something is amiss. The same question, answer, and gesture, appear in that dinner scene, involving Kyle Mac Lachlan, who also plays the part of an alien ("hiding" within the body of a human, unbeknownst to the other characters in the scene). With Shiri Appleby in Life Unexpected and Colin Hanks in The Good Guys I couldn't resist watching Roswell's pilot again. I thought the tides of time would have blurred my memories but Liz Parker and her friends never left my side.


There's also something quite romantic about it as they didn't even kiss.

Of course in real life it would be a lazy way to know someone but on screen it allowed their relationship to instantly blossom and touch our heart at its core.


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