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But despite the risk of arrest, students in Panama City Beach told Daily they plan to party on regardless – and could be seen hauling bottles of booze into their rooms and playing a game of cat and mouse with cops determined to keep a lid on the shenanigans.

Outside the Spinnaker Beach Club, which is famous for its Tuesday 'Beach Bash' parties, students were seen passed out on the sand and falling over following rounds of 'Mega Loko' shots - a shot glass filled with vodka and Four Loko'We're getting drunk!

The company conducted a survey of 500 college students who have an outstanding student loan and who said that they were planning a spring-break getaway.

The 30 percent response rate translates into 2.83 million students traveling to warmer climates on their loans.

This week, 1.3 million students, most aged between 18 and 21, head out on vacation, with a further 2.5 million set to follow on Friday.

While on Spring Break, students also were seen by Daily playing drinking games on their hotel balconies like 'slapping the bag' - removing the bag of wine inside the box of wine and then passing it around.

But not everyone is delighted to see the students, including the local police department which is charged with enforcing rules introduced in 2015 banning drinking on the beach following a spate of rapes – 42 between 20.

A group of college girls cheer on a friend as she funnels beer on her hotel balcony not far from the beach.


But if you want to come here, get drunk and fight, you will be going to jail.'And in South Padre Island, Texas, local law enforcement said emergency calls are 'going up each day' with Police Chief Randy Smith predicting 'the busiest week of the year' when revelers from the hard-partying University of Texas descend on Friday.

By Monday afternoon, a further seven arrests had been made – most for breaking the beach booze ban and public intoxication.



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