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You’re going to immediately be disappointed in a site like Just Hookup.com, in our opinion.Here’s the thing: this site just doesn’t have a lot going on.Now it’s possible to listen to high quality audio with wireless convenience even while out on the water.Have fun with the same Pandora internet radio stations you enjoy on your home PC.The flights were good, captains were very communicative about times, expectations and when turbulence was present.

It seems Spirit couldn't get flights to Chicago with nothing to do with Atlanta.

We are now out of for the flight, 0 for a rental car to drive to our destination and will be arriving late for a funeral. Moving at the max speed we were capable of, we arrived at the opposite end of the airport too late to board and were left behind. In this sense, KAYAK is a search engine and we can't guarantee prices we find. Prices on airline seats, hotel rooms and car rentals can change frequently.

Wish I could review how the actual flight went but we never even made it on the plane. Every time I fly frontier, there's always a problem with the plane. United was not very sympathetic, although provided ticket for next morning flight. And the baby next to me didn’t cry the entire trip which was a complete surprise. Several people may also be trying to buy the same travel option simultaneously.

This time they have people working in the cabin trying to resolve an issue that is delaying us. The entire experience was very disappointing following what was a decent tour of Italy. As a result, you may find, on occasion, that certain prices are no longer available.


The price was unreal so I had to jump on this, I was able to get on and off with my backpack no problem. The clerk would not print our passes because it was past the 45 minute limit. Since you charge people extra to check luggage (how carrying luggage on a flight is considered "extra" is beyond me), you should provide enough space for them to bring carry ons. It's almost as if you created a focus group, asked them how to make flying more stressful and miserable, and then did that. At KAYAK we don’t set the prices, so it’s not possible for us to guarantee what other companies are selling.



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