Problem updating iphone 3g to ios4

What follows are ideas for maximizing the speed of an i Phone 3G that's running i OS 4. Restoring from recovery mode finally did help, but I think that restoring my backed-up apps and data caused me to lose most of the gain I'd achieved.However, I've read hundreds of comments online from frustrated i Phone 3G users, so I know that the several-second pauses that I was initially complaining about are not nearly as problematic as the 10-second pauses experienced by others, and those longer delays may be easier to reduce.When Apple has released versions of Mac OS X that turn out not to work well on older Macs, those Macs are often several years past their sell-by date, and, regardless, you can always revert to whatever version of Mac OS X shipped with that particular model.Besides, not only was the i Phone 3G so recently for sale, but it came with a 2-year contract, so users are locked into using Shake as much water out of the phone as you can, then, bury the phone in a large amount of dry rice (the domestic stuff that you eat) fill up a pot and push the phone right under the rice.Leave in a warm place for a few days, then try phone again.

I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know if he's full of it, but he sounds like a guy whose advice can be trusted.

It’s probably the best thing you could do with an i Phone 3G.

Get out of Jail Free: now that you’re running i OS 3.1.3, if you want to jailbreak your phone, you can easily do that by going to on your iphone and using their one-click jailbreak.

This sped mine (and others') back up dramatically, and I can still use i OS 5.x. Posted on 18 June 2012 at PM | permalink @srisaas, if you want to use newer apps then you should get a new phone, if you can't afford that and want your older apps, like google maps, to work once again, then downgrade your ios.

Posted on 18 July 2012 at PM | permalink dieburnbot-have you tried the 'drying out' process?If you have an i Phone 3G running Apple's older i Phone operating system - which was called i Phone OS 3, but has been retroactively renamed i OS 3 - I suggest that you not install the i OS 4 update.


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