Wpf tooltip binding not updating

My blog includes posts on a wide range of topics, including HTML5 / Java Script and data visualisation with D3 and d3fc.You'll also find a whole host of posts about previous technology interests including i OS, Swift, WPF and Silverlight.They are later updated by the call to On Parent Surface Rendered.Later when another annotation is added using the Add button On Labels Source Changed is not called, the chart can be updated however by double clicking which causes On Parent Surface Rendered to be called.Please could you have a look at the attached example.


This can cause performance problems, since adding an annotation could in fact trigger a redraw!

Instead of using the binding markup extension, it is possible to create the binding instance in XAML, for example, the simple binding to This yields exactly the same result. Good question, I have only used it occasionally myself, typically within multi-bindings, or where validation rules are being added.



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