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Next week may be wild from Boston and New York to D. Once of these clippers will spread light snow into much of Minnesota Sunday PM into midday Monday, and I could see a couple inches of slush. The Kansas City area was particularly hard hit as an EF3 struck east of town. Clipper #1 takes a more southerly track, spreading accumulating snow from the Dakotas into St. Both GFS (above) and ECMWF spin up a major coastal storm capable of 1-2 foot snowfall amounts from near Washington D. But it looks ripe, and there should be sufficient cold air in place for a major dumping - possibly the biggest of the winter.The Land of 10,000 Lakes also may be the Land of 15,000 Springs. Minnesota stands to gain that distinction as the Department of Natural Resources works to build an online inventory of the state’s estimated 15,000 to 22,000 springs.A spring is a natural flow of water from an aquifer — an underground layer of rock — to the earth’s surface, in the definition of DNR research analyst Greg Brick, who began work last year on the spring inventory project.

Team members are now stationed in Huntsville to await signs of potentially dangerous storms.

NOAA is therefore requesting that any organizations that redistribute GOES-16 data -- before it is declared operational -- include the following disclaimer with the data: Damage in La Crosse County originally attributed to high winds during Monday night’s storm is actually the result of a tornado.

The National Weather Service researchers confirmed the tornado after surveying the area Wednesday.

The smaller circles indicate year-to-date outcomes that were 2 An Early Spring for Much of the USA.


This reminds me of the freakishly early spring of 2012.

S., according to a study by a London-based researcher.



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