10 commandments for dating big and beutiful online dating


Don’t waste their time, because you are scared of looking .[You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor]10.You shall work your ex stuff out before you jump in another relationship, or promise one.We kayaked through kelp forests, dissected squids for science class, and learned about the peril our beloved oceans are in.We never, ever liter on the beach and attend at least one beach clean up a year. This is probably more for your safety than ours, but either way, if the heavens have decided to bless our arid land with a deluge (or even a sprinkle) you had better be prepared to take the wheel.Or Jesus* can, whichever you’re more comfortable with.As the aforementioned rain comes about twice, maybe three times a year if we are lucky, you had better learn to love our beautiful, sun-shining rays. You shall not idealize your date, you still don’t know them..[You shall not make idols]3. Honor your mom and dad issues, aka figure your stuff out, before projecting all of it on them. You shall always disclose if you are married or in an open relationship.[You shall not commit adultery]8. Remember not to use your phone when on a date, especially don’t tinder when they are in the bathroom.[Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy]5.

Learn to make a halfway decent salsa, don’t mistake those hard shell abominations for tacos, and when it doubt, go breakfast burrito.Texas women are proud, strong, and not afraid of getting their hands dirty.



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