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Small scale and long distance views, like the attentive eye of the John Knox building on the Royal Mile, offer a new field of vision.

THE PARLIAMENT SITS IN THE LAND, because its belong to the Scottish land. From the outset we have worked with the intuition that individual identification with land carries collective consciousness and sentiments.

People acting like Nelo moved all time like SRL vs Hagler... GGG fans just acting stupid because their KO predictions or on the ropes theory didn’t happen, and Nelo took all his best shots..

The land itself will be a material, a physical building material.

The Parliament should be able to reflect the land, which it represents. This is a crucial image in understanding the possibilities of the site.

Canelo had better defense (as shown by the numbers), landed clean, eye catching shots, and really didn't get hit cleanly that much. Therefore, Nelo’s effective punches outweigh even Golovkin’s lazy shots.


Although I haven't counted what I would consider clean, effective punches landed, I can almost assure you, the majority of them would belong to Canelo. People don’t realize that GGG’s accumulation are mainly from jabs.

Yeah, because we know the polls on this site aren't biased at all right?


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