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His poems were often used during the cultural gatherings of the Welsh in the Slate Valley as his lyrics leant themselves easily to songs of longing and nostalgia that enveloped and consumed the souls of every Welsh man and woman who found themselves having left home to pastures new. A study of the programmes at the Welsh meetings in the Slate Valley shows you that Ceiriog’s work was an essential inclusion if a gathering was to be successful.

The photo below has him sternly looking into the camera, but his poetry could be as gentle and refreshing as the trickle of the mountain brook he so famously wrote about in another poem.

And I’m sure to a certain museum director I know too!

This postcard comes from a selection that plays on the titles of famous Welsh songs and the one in question here is ( pron.

I have NO idea where the time has gone, but maybe the blog will go some way as to explain why I’ve been so sidetracked!

As those of you who follow these blogs may know…….I hope there are one or two of you……….little Gruffudd’s star shot into my orbit last June and there has been some realigning going on because of his comet-like appearance.

I cannot find a copy of it on the web to play you, but possibly this version will give you an idea of its magical feel.


William Hughes, seen above with his wife, was the character immortalised by Caradog Prichard, the Welsh novelist and poet, in his semi-autobiographical work (Starch Collar Will), a nickname earned from his choice of attire of a starched white collar following his religious conversion.And each time I look at them I think of Ceiriog’s wonderful lyric to the twinkling stars in .



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