Dating someone with overindulged kids

She does not measure successful child rearing like other mothers may do.

My clients express fear they will somehow turn out to be like their narcissistic mothers.

They do it to boost their own egos and to make themselves feel wanted and adored as another source of narcissistic supply.

Sex can be a potent weapon for narcissistic mothers.

There are perks as an only child, like not having to compete against other siblings for mom’s attention, but the child pays dearly as the mother’s only captive source of narcissistic supply.

The narcissistic single mother, especially without the temporary relief of a partner around, will force the only child to wear many hats.


The child, her captive source of narcissistic supply, is enmeshed with mom until pushed aside for something new to fill that void.

Narcissistic mothers do not enjoy the process of watching the child grow up but are instead threatened by the child’s increased ability to exercise healthy free will.

The child is born for a source of narcissistic supply and for someone to be able to take care of the narcissistic mother.

I explain that true narcissists don’t worry about narcissism, so the fact they examine themselves in a such a way is a good sign they are ok.


But, yes, if we’ve had a narcissistic parent, we do need to develop awareness of our own behavior and evaluate whether it repeats what we saw modeled.During the time the child is her main narcissistic supply, the child may feel cherished or needed but when a new partner comes along, however briefly, the child is often emotionally and sometimes physically abandoned.


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    How could something so perfect be so horribly f*cked up?

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    @mariobatali Getting ready for tonight's meal @il_palio with @teddydiggs A post shared by Chris Fischer (@beetlebungfarm) on star even thanked the Chicago native for her new patio furniture on Instagram in September. we are loving it,” she captioned a hilarious photo of herself wearing a Mc Donald’s onesie and sitting on a wooden swing.

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    She was made to be an extension of her narcissistic mother and play by the rules her mother has created.

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    She was trying so hard to get him interested in her and she made it!

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