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“All this was done under the nose of the young United States government, which—even if it wanted to clear out a colony of pirates—had fewer ships in its Navy than in the port at Grand Terre,” according to Molthrop.

“[Lafitte] understood capitalism and he created one of the greatest experiments in laissez faire enterprise—business without interference—in early American history,” Molthrop said.

century smuggler of luxury goods whose unscrupulous reputation morphed into a Louisiana folk hero for whom streets, bars, restaurants, hotels and even a National Historic Park are named.

In Molthrop’s new book, “Pirate Code,” the author also credits the pirate as being a smart businessman and a smooth operator switching sides whenever the situation became advantageous, alternatively siding with the Spanish, British or Americans and partnering with Native Americans, Cajuns and free people of color.

Molthrop describes Lafitte an enigmatic figure who consorted with wealthy customers at formal events by night while navigating bayous for booty by day.

He was able to finesse government officials, bribing them to turn a blind eye to his notorious affairs while building a modern port 80 miles south of New Orleans, he said.

If you are looking for perfect match this would be the best option.“During the lawless transitional period, while a weak young nation, controlled from a remote Atlantic-facing capital, was trying to exert control over a vibrant, exotic, Gulf-facing society, Jean Lafitte saw his opportunity,” Molthrop writes.



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