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Von dort holte sie der SPIEGEL 1985 ins Auslandsressort.Sie schreibt vor allem über Spanien, Portugal, Lateinamerika und Marokko, zwischen 20 als Korrespondentin aus Madrid. That's why António Sàágua, 45, a soon-to-be economic migrant, is sitting in the stark gray office of Ema Partners International on a sunny spring afternoon.But despite his qualifications, he is earning less than €1,000 a month in his current job, which involves reorganizing a hospital near Lisbon.

An economist with contacts around the world, Fonseca dashes back and forth between the laptop on his desk and the conference room, printing out lists of contacts and abbreviated versions of the leading career advice books published abroad.

The Orthographic Agreement was forged with the aim of strengthening the Portuguese language, to avoid distinguishing the Portuguese dialects as separate languages, and eventual segmentation of each of the Lusophone countries, if written language differences were to persist.

It means unified spelling of words among the countries where the Portuguese language is spoken officially, although country specific words and phrases will still exist.

He is obsessed with the details as he prepares Portuguese executives for a new professional future.

For most of them, that future will be far away from home, and increasingly in Angola, Portugal's former colony in southwestern Africa.Have your 100% matches reviewed - This is really important as many of your previously stored 100% matches may not be in line with the new laws, so it’s a good idea to request that they are reviewed for the next few projects, this way leaving less room for errors.



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    21, Clarification and Recodification and other recently issued SSARS *SSAE No.

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    These rules of thumb are evolutionarily adaptive, however, and not necessarily a bad thing.

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