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Expansion Bus I2C Pull-Ups – All master SCMDs should have at least one set of pull-ups enabled for their expansion bus, even if no slaves are present!The board’s default state is disabled because pull-up resistors should be applied thoughtfully per design, but it means a single master without slaves will un-intuitively require the jumper to be closed.To determine what your load is, attach the motor directly to a power supply and apply torque as will be done by the final application.Then use the chart below to determine if you need to heat sink.This is not to be confused with ‘driver number’, which indicates which SCMD in the chain is being referenced.Power is supplied through the VIN Connection and is regulated down to 3.3V for the PSo C and logic circuits. The Status LED has a few things that it displays simultaneously: The User Port is designated for connection to the user’s project (which will tell the motors what to do), and can be configured as UART, SPI, or I2C by jumper setting.


This tutorial explains how to use the Serial Controlled Motor Driver Breakout Board with an Arduino or direct serial.

The motor attached to the master at position ‘A’ will always be motor 0, and the ‘B’ position, motor 1.

The first slave device attached will have motors 2, and 3, at positions ‘A’ and ‘B’ respectively. When a SCMD is designated as bridged mode, it loses whatever motor is attached to the ‘B’ position, and any information sent to control the ‘A’ position will control both outputs synchronously, such as inversion or drive strength.

This driver board was designed to be affordable, compact and have more features than previous versions of serial-controlled motor drivers.

Its main advantage is the variability of drive levels making fine control adjustments a possibility.Each motor channel is independently configurable for what is thought of as ‘forward’ spin by command.



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