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This paper is an experimental design employed to investigate the impact of Tunisia’s linguistic situation as a multilingual community on computer mediated communication, especially chat language via Facebook.We will study the situation of Tunisian multilingualism and language alternation in chat as used by the youth by characterizing the language of Facebook chat.Restaurants generally offer a slightly elaborated dish of it along with a basket of bread.The harissa is encircled by a moat of olive oil and topped with a few black olives and wild capers, a tongue-withering fresh chile and lovely hunk of tuna to nibble on until the meal arrives.



(A food processor works fine, too.) Garlic and salt are added to the paste as it gets passed a second time through the grinder. Classic harissa has caraway and coriander seeds stirred into it, and sometimes cumin.

We aim at investigating the interaction between the Arabic, French, English, and other languages on chat language.



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