Russian dating in bahrin

It is occupied by as many Asian women as are in the bar.I encounter a Chinese girl emerging to the lobby from an elevator.One hotel in the Al Jaffir district has bars on four different levels; each one 'offers' a specific nationality of prostitute.Only Russian women parade on the stage at Platinum bar at the four star Golden Tulip hotel.She is probably aged in her early twenties but has a younger-looking face.



For a Muslim country the only thing more surprising than the number of prostitutes in Bahrain is the freedom with which they transact.

It is not imponderable that some prostitutes enjoy their work.

A former prostitute in Ireland wrote to the Pat Kenny radio programme this summer.

She criticised the usual admonition of prostitution by Irish media.

She eloquently described how she enjoyed her work; the satisfaction she felt of providing a good service; knowing she was appreciated by the men she slept with - mostly married men whose relationships had lost physical intimacy.So it was when a sandstorm ripped across Saudi Arabia and through the archipelago of Bahrain recently.


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