Updating record from cursor oracle


d_ids(i) ); END LOOP; END; / Client programs (such as OCI and Pro*C programs) can use PL/SQL anonymous blocks to bulk-bind input and output host arrays.

ID = 5.47722557505166113456969782800802133953 Square root of dept. PUT_LINE ('--- Processing all results simultaneously ---'); OPEN c1; FETCH c1 BULK COLLECT INTO names, sals; CLOSE c1; print_results(); DBMS_OUTPUT. PUT_LINE ( 'Employee #' ' '

ID = 7.07106781186547524400844362104849039285 Square root of dept. COUNT = 0; print_results(); END LOOP; CLOSE c1; DBMS_OUTPUT. LAST LOOP -- Now all columns from result set come from one record DBMS_OUTPUT. PUT_LINE ('Deleted '



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