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He got me appointments to get bloodwork done and also encouraged me to take some time away from school to process.I went to my parent’s house and cried, puked, and cried some more. I’m only a few weeks into finding out the truth about my husband’s Sex Addiction, so I’m still in the shock phase.I met J a little over 2 years ago at a local hospital; he was a nurse and I was a volunteer on the weekends.Although many women find easier using a toy, you can also use your fingers to stimulate it.Anal Stimulation The anus has many nerve endings and holds a lot of tension, so needs a little more care and attention.Then 2 weeks ago, I came into the bedroom after a long evening of studying.

G-Spot Stimulation Again there is a lot of choice for g-spot vibrators, however glass dildos, such as the Tracey Cox Supersex Glass Dildo Set are great as they hold the lubricant and can be used hot or cold depending on your mood.I google searched 3 of them and they all came back as local “escorts.” I was shaking. I woke him up and confronted him, “Are you cheating on me? J swore (and let me say for the record, he SWORE on his dead mother’s grave) that he never had or was having an extra-marital affairs of any sort. I went online and went through his phone records…there was the proof.I had taken screen shots of the emails, and stored them where he couldn’t delete them. He still denied it; someone must have broken into his account, it was SPAM, I heard every excuse in the book. At one point I stole his phone when he wasn’t looking and looked through his applications. At last 10 calls/texts just from December all to local “escorts.” I woke him up again and just said, “it’s over.” I then asked him if there was anything he wanted to say and all he could mutter was, “I have a problem…” I took a shower, drove to school (it was to be my first day back at med school after winter break) and I went to see a school counselor.Only a lucky few can orgasm from g-spot stimulation alone.

One good way to get yourself off is to take the skin around the clitoris and rub it together.

Set the Mood Make sure that you are comfortable- light some candles if you are going to use toys get them out of your sex box; read an erotic book or watch some porn; let your mind wander onto a sexual fantasy you have not yet fulfilled or one that really turned you on!


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