Self consolidating concrete cost

A V shaped funnel is filled with fresh concrete and the time taken for the concrete to flow out of the funnel is measured and recorded as the V-funnel flow time [10-12].

V-funnel, made to the dimensions (tolerance ± 1 mm), fitted with a quick release, watertight gate at its base and supported so that the top of the funnel is horizontal.


The variable conditions at the construction site, the more complicated control of the mixture composition and disagreement with regard to the question how the properties should be measured at the site were retarding factors.L-box test: The L-box test is used to assess the passing ability of selfcompacting concrete to flow through tight openings including spaces between reinforcing bars and other obstructions without segregation or blocking.There are two variations; the two bar test and the three bar test.In this paper the mechanical properties of SCC in comparison to conventional concrete are discussed.

Examples of applications are shown, both for prefabricated concrete elements and in- situ structures.

The necessity of this product was felt by civil engineers to overcome in the issue of workmanship, in structural concreting of thickly/heavily re-in forced sections in execution of concreting. Substantial research was carried out with regard to the properties of SCC Because of the well-controlled conditions; the introduction of SCC in the precast concrete industry was successful.


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