Updating psp go firmware

i instaled FRM but i dont now how to work step by step,and firmware i think i need for my pmp,my device is conected with usb to pc and detected IIcatch video and MMCATH video driver found and instaled but i dont now how to proced to put firmware and in frm detected 1 device but i receive vendor comand... please let me know if you want any picture to understand it. and eror code 39-40 isp path error and what i do next? who details which i have found on opening it are as follow: model: jxd 656 cam id : QR768B 20058 LCD ID: NT4SHY3624A 081109 SUNPLUS 3052A-HL171 0834 M187W27 FLASH: HYNIX KOR HY27UT088G2A TPCB 840A ELPDA SINGAPORE D4512816305 A75-9JF 0749XE02T BOARD ID: JXD206DD1 0813 I HAVE UPDATED MY FIRMWARE MANY TIMES BY CONNECTING WITH THE PC. ONE DAY WHEN I WAS UPDATING THE FIRMWARE BY PRESSING TE KEY COMBINATION IT WAS DETECTED BY MY PC.


Dear sir i have 1 mp4 player jxd200b when i press the power buttom it always show "liting your life" then nothing happen i tried to update my jxd200b but i can't detect to my pc plaese help to detect to my pc how can i make my computer recognize my mp5 player ???? JPG from I want to change the splash and update the firmware if possible.. I have a kingneed MP4 With this Id: Anyka AK3221MB2440 FA03E7 on its CPU! I have to say, My problem is that After a while my device didn't work and just is showin a massage that "The system is broken..." I hope you have time to help me. so please tell me how can i put my jxd692 on camera mode.... When i connect this player to TV it shows a blue screen with menu logos of the player on the TV screen.

im trying to connect it several times but my computer doesnt detected my mp5 player ... Undefined] -- FAIL -- FRM_ISP_PATH_ILLEGAL(40) -- ! GOOdluck hello sir, i have jxd 692 and its firmeare too... I want to change that blue background displayed on TV and make it to display my photo with the player's menu logo icons on it. The chip description are as below: IC 1 : SAMSUNG K4S561632E-TC1L IC 2 : FI C100 E9002DA 19B1 Is there any possibilities that I can re-program any of these ICs as there is no port on the Circuit board to connect it to PC for data transfer or firmware update.



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