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then maybe you need to re-evaluate whether or not you should do such a leadership project.

What it means to lead For any activity you choose, you would be in charge of Girl Scouts Gold Award official web site from the Girl Scouts of the USA Gold Award suggestions from Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri Gold Award suggestions from Girl Scouts of Central Texas Wikipedia page for the Girl Scouts Gold Award If you use my page to create a program or event, please contact me after you have finished the event or program and let me know how it turned out, what program you picked, the address of your blog, etc.. The page you are reading now is not an official Girl Scouts page.

These projects require the planning and implementation an individual "Take Action" project that reaches beyond the Girl Scout organization and provides a sustainable, lasting benefit to the girl's larger community.


Each activity, as a whole, would require at least 80 hours of work on your part, if done correctly.But don't think that there are strict borders between these two kinds of volunteering; if you volunteered to lead the creation of a program that trains volunteers to help in disaster relief, you would be engaging in BOTH kinds of volunteering.


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