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Only about half of internet daters will easily discuss their online escapades to friends and family.And the rest say they'll admit it only to a select few.But this doesn't exactly mean that more people are dating across social boundaries.



This lines up with how the French view dating websites.

It's easy to picture beautiful French couples effortlessly falling in love over a cigarette and a glass of red wine on a bistro terrace, the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the background.

But are the French really so traditionally romantic, or are they in fact bucking tradition in favor of modern romance, aka the internet or smartphone Apps?

In 2006, when only 42% of households in the country had internet access, already 10% of French people were on such websites.

Over the next seven years, this number rose to 14% among 26-65 year olds.The French are shy about their internet dating habits Despite its prolificness, online dating is still a bit of a taboo topic in France.


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