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Common Sense Media App Review: Omegle Teens Drift Away from ‘Traditional’ Social Networks Is Omegle?


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The whole play is actually about not only relationships but also words and how people express themselves.

It deals with social media as well, but for me it underscores how important it is to be able to be in a room with somebody and not just on a screen.” In Good Taste Denver Visits Curious In Good Taste Denver “This is our first experience with Curious Theatre Company, known for pushing the envelope.

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Review Mark Stevens, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Ethan is all Kindle and e-books—a fast-writing man on the move.


Olivia is all leather-bound classics and the smell of an old book. First, mud flies between these two—and then sparks.

CAST Olivia: Paige Price Ethan: Michael Kingsbaker PRODUCTION TEAM Scenic Designer: Susan Crabtree Costume Designer: Kevin Brainerd Lighting Designer: Shannon Mc Kinney Sound Designer: Alex Ruhlin Properties Designer: Tim David Stage Manager: A.


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