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The spirit pack pig is a Beast of Burden familiar that can be created in the machine under Eli's farm, after completion of the Bringing Home the Bacon quest. Tier 2 requires level 44 in Summoning, Construction and Crafting as well as 3 oak planks, 2 steel bars and 3 nails of any type. To increase the tier of the pigs, one must upgrade the machine in the storm cellar. Upgrading the machine after obtaining a pouch still summons the higher-tiered familiar.The third and fourth domains are used by the Fire TV to determine if an update is available.Every router’s parental control settings are different, so I can’t guide you on specifically how to block domains using your router.Even if you used method 1 on a rooted device or method 2 on an unrooted device, it’s still a good idea to also use this method.For this method to work, your router MUST be able to block both HTTP and HTTPS requests. The first two domains listed are the most important ones to block and the only ones required.If you’re unsure how to do it, check your router’s manual or search the internet for instructions for your specific router model.

Here are screenshots of various router parental control screens to help you understand what you are looking to achieve: Show Method 3 Guide This method is your last resort if you don’t have access to your router’s settings, or your router is incapable of reliably blocking updates using method 3.

This should be done in addition to method 1 as a backup.

The added advantage of this method is that it can be done within TWRP custom recovery.

With the Tortoise however, you have the option of buying the shells or the pouches from other players. The tier 2 pack pig, however, has a higher requirement than the Bull ant, but a lower storage capacity.


The tier 1 pack pig is slightly superior to the thorny snail with higher and more requirements.Show Method 1 Guide This method requires Fire OS 5.0.0 thru to be installed on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick to work.


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