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Phill Jupitus and Noel Fielding are regular panelists, Fielding having taken over from Bill Bailey, himself the replacement for Sean Hughes.Mark: ABBA comprised of Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anni-Frid and took their name from their initials.We can relate to that - one minute you're a star on one of Britain's best loved soaps, the next you're sitting on a panel show with a teammate who looks like the bloated corpse of Rik Mayall! If a panda gets struck by lightning, its white hair turns black and its black hair turns white, and they're known as negative pandas, but if it gets struck by lightning a second time it reverts back to its original colours and is called a double-negative panda, or just a panda. (some audience members go "A Well, you're the short good-looking one and Marvin's the tall good-looking one!

(turns to camera) And that's this week's viewer's question, so what would that opera be called? and for his cheeky catchphrase "Where's my sodding knighthood? With your simple friends that you collected in a glade out in the woods"... Like you've just grown some excellent marrows and you're like, [He puts on a Cornish accent] "Let's turn up 'round Howard's house and sing him a little ditty...". Normally I get away with being the young person, being under thirty-five and able to name the Sugababes. [To Krishnan] Do you ever have coughing in the Channel 4 studio?

Kurt Cobain suffered a similar mishap while demonstrating the safest way to blow your head off with a gun. Mark: Also to be in the jungle and do the Challenge, that would be pretty cruel, wouldn't it? " "We haven't got a normal soap powder, we haven't got anything to eat! " (the chimes ring again and Ricky puts his hand up)Phill: Let's have a look then at the Billy Bragg thing. According to Iggy's biographer, it all started when he swallowed a fly that afternoon and things got out of hand. (camera shot changes to the lineup - Omar is clearly number 3! I feel really guilty now making the joke I wouldn't recognise him. You know, because I fell into the bad crowd at university. So I had a hundred fucking, went to Mars, you know. (to David) We were worried you wouldn't know what the hell anyone is talking about, I've written out some pop facts for you (hands David some cards) just so you can use them and if you need them at any point, then they're there. Simon: The recent Ian Curtis biopic Control was shot in gritty black and white, much like Richard Fleeshman's new video. You just throw out weird words, hippopotamus and juggling. maybe it seems like a waste of paper and people should just use the internet. We're almost halfway through the run, and the data has just come back from our market and research team. Simon: Before we start, I'd like to address something.


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