Liquidating 401k


*Is a culture of fear and intimidation particularly susceptible to corporate fraud?*How can using the CPA credential get a corporate accountant in trouble?The specific topics that will be covered in this course include:*Overview of Share Point Online*Understanding and set up Share Point sites*Establish internal and external document libraries for online collaboration*Create customized lists to track important data*Use task lists and site calendars to manage projects*Manage the look of your sites with templates and styles*Definition of what qualifies as a travel expense *Definition of what qualifies as an entertainment expense *Strategies to deduct business transportation expenses *Deductibility of meals *Situations not subject to the 50% meals reduction *How to handle automobile issues related to commuting transportation *Proper accounting for deductible vs.*Can you protect the public interest without violating our profession's confidentiality rules?*How can a corporate world CPA get in trouble with their board of accountancy?Desktop Options *Quick Books Online Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) *Quick Books Online Small Business Editions (Simple Start, Essentials, Plus) *Quick Books Online for Accountant (QBOA) features *Apps that increase the functionality of Quick Books Online*Reduction in individual and corporate tax rates *Taxation of pass-through entities *Deduction of home mortgage interest *State and local tax deductions *New alimony rules *Repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate *Standard deduction and itemized deductions *Child tax credit *Use of Sec.529 accounts *Survival of personal AMT and repeal of corporate AMT *Estate and gift tax *New limitations on business losses *New depreciation rules and §179 expensing *Business interest *Modification of NOL rules *New credit for employer-paid family and medical leave *Repatriation of foreign funds* Documentation as a means of audit quality * Responsibilities of the workpaper reviewer * Important tips for providing reviews notes that will promote an effective and efficient financial statement audit * Appropriate review notes at various phases of the engagement, including before and after audit report date and report release* Identifying areas of estimation uncertainty * Assessing risk of material misstatement related to estimates, and testing the estimation process * Auditing point estimate and range estimates * Applying audit procedures to common areas of estimation * Evaluating the results of audit procedures for possible audit adjustment * Smaller entity audit considerations* Indicators of impairment * Steps in recoverability testing for long-lived assets held and used * Grouping assets held and used * Allocating impairment loss and disclosures * Testing indefinite lived intangibles for impairment, including goodwill * Valuation techniques for comparing fair value to goodwill * Accounting standard changes on the horizon* Common peer review deficiencies * Important considerations of second-level and other upper-level reviewers * Quality Control Standards requirements * PCAOB Inspections * Identifying potential peer review issues* Partnership losses: when are they deductible?


tax accounting for partnership/LLC capital accounts.*Review of Section 704(b) substantial economic effect rules and their relation to financial accounting.*The integration of financial accounting for partnerships/LLCs with the Form 1065.*Financial accounting basis for ownership interests vs.These studies show how people affect the operation of control measures established at organizations.


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