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Day Shift – 21/07/2009 – PM Presenter: Carol Duncan Producer: Jeannette Mc Mahon Interviewee: Gionni Di Gravio, Archivist University of Newcastle On the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing University of Newcastle Archivist Gionni Di Gravio discusses early (fictional) accounts of journeys to the moon dating back to AD 160 and their inspiration towards the quest for lunar exploration that culminated in the Apollo landing on this day in 1969.Broadcast Notes: A beautiful and brief introduction to early works dedicated to travels to the Moon can be had in Lester G.One day while experimenting with a trapeze contraption he is taken by them directly to the Moon which took 11 days.


Creatures were simians between man and anumal, like lunar batmen, 4 foot high, short glossy copper coloured hair and wings of a thin membrane. Jules Verne – ) He selected a space gun as the means for propulsion to the Moon via a projectile with a scientist inside like a bullet. In it Lucian travelled to the ‘great country of the air’ by a whirlwind that propelled his ship to the Moon.


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    Its number one debut on Billboard 200 made One Direction the first band in history to have their first three albums all debut atop the Billboard 200.

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